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Saved by A Stranger

Episodes: 4 x 60

Year: 2021

Distributor: All3 Media

Saved by a Stranger, a new series presented by Anita Rani, tells the personal stories of ordinary people caught up in the biggest events in living memory and follows them on a quest to find the individual whose impact at that crucial time changed their lives forever.

Each episode provides a unique personal account of some of the biggest headline moments that have shaped Britain and its people, including the 7/7 terrorist attacks, the AIDs crisis and the Falkland’s War. The series also looks at stories from across the world, including the Holocaust and the Bosnian War. We follow each contributor on a journey to find someone significant from this time whom they have lost touch with, combining their personal emotional journey with historical learning and investigative research. The series celebrates moments of kindness and humanity in some of our most challenging times and resolves in emotional reunions.