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Concorde: The Untold Story

Episodes: 2 x 60

Year: 2023

Distributor: PBS Distribution

At the height of the Cold War, three superpowers went head-to-head in a battle for supersonic domination.  Concorde in Europe. Tupolev TU-144 in the Soviet Union.  Boeing 2707 in America.  They remain some of the most beautiful and celebrated aeroplanes ever envisioned.  But a question has always remained – why did they look so similar?   Was espionage involved?


Now, previously unseen KGB and CIA documents are finally revealing the truth.  For the first time ever, this series uncovers the turbulent story of how Russia infiltrated its competitors’ supersonic programs, smuggled out the blueprints, and changed aviation forever.


Unmasking spies, exposing the depth of Russia’s espionage, and celebrating the bravery of its defectors, Concorde: The True Story uses brand new information, first-hand testimony, expert interviews, and stunning cutting edge graphics to pull apart the technology and the politics, unravelling what really happened in the billion dollar, ultimately lethal Cold War race for aerial supremacy – and finally asks, will we ever fly supersonic again?