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World's Biggest Beasts

Episodes: 2 x 60' and 1 x 120'

Year: 2016

Distributor: Silverlining Rights

Before man ruled the world, Earth was a land of giants. Count down the biggest beasts of their kind to ever roam the planet in this eye-opening special, and uncover the secret lives of these supersized species. Birds with plane-length wingspans, dinosaurs rivalling a Boeing 737; this stunning CGI special goes in search of the truth behind these monsters, counting down the ten largest and most extraordinary finds.From handling the recently unearthed bones of a dinosaur far larger than previously known, to analysing the flight technique of a giant seven-metre bird – uncover the unique adaptations that allowed each animal to thrive.

Visual stunts and surprising size comparisons bring each beast vividly back to life in ever-increasing sizes.

Get ready for a dramatic countdown of the most mind-blowing lost giants.